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If you’ve just become a new mother, congratulations! You may be wondering how infrared sauna and pregnancy affect each other, and whether or not red light therapy is beneficial postpartum.

While the thought of soaking your body in the warmth of a sauna to relieve backaches and other postpartum discomforts may sound wonderful, it’s important you consider the potential risks with the impending benefits to both yourself and your new baby. Here at Rimba Sweat, the safety and wellbeing of our clients are the number one priority. We always advise that new mothers and pregnant women speak to their doctors about infrared therapy before undertaking any sauna sessions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the intricacies of infrared sauna and pregnancy so that you can balance risk and benefit before making your decision on when you visit the infrared sauna. When it comes to infrared sauna and pregnancy, there have been many studies that suggest that infrared therapy is safe for pregnant women and a baby’s development – however, we recommend that all expecting mother’s follow their doctor’s guidance.

For those that are in the post-partum period of their pregnancy, infrared sauna therapy can be incredibly beneficial.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Postpartum

Rimba Sweat recommends that any new mother weighing up using infrared sauna postpartum should first discuss the notion with their doctor and follow their intuition to decide what works best for their body. In saying this, Infrared sauna therapy can be extremely beneficial for new mothers and pregnant women, breastfeeding or otherwise when used properly.

Infrared light increases circulation, decreases inflammation and has been clinically proven to combat many of the symptoms associated with the post-partum period, including pain relief (muscles, joints, and chronic pain), fatigue, anxiety, and overall inflammation born during pregnancy.

In an infrared sauna, infrared light penetrates the skin’s surface, raising core body temperature. Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas don’t heat the air around you, instead, they warm the core body temperature directly, which in turn penetrates human tissue and skin more effectively. As your body temperature absorbs this infrared heat, a deep and relaxing sweat is induced, which subsequently clears out any unwanted toxins.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits infrared sauna can provide to pregnant women and postpartum for new mothers.

Benefits of infrared postpartum

1. Inflammation

All pregnancies spark mild systemic inflammation in the body – it’s part of what happens to every woman during pregnancy. It is different however, to the inflammation generated by illness. Despite this, too much inflammation during pregnancy can lead to more severe complications.

Infrared light penetrates the body’s soft tissue to where inflammation occurs, significantly increasing circulation in the body and expanding the blood vessels to carry oxygen throughout the body thus helping to bring inflammation down to healthy levels.

2. Circulation

During pregnancy, your bodies focus on growing your baby combined with hormonal changes creates poor circulation within the body that can lead to swelling in the feet and hands. Infrared therapy can help the body during this time by boosting blood flow and counteracting the poor circulation found during pregnancy. Furthermore, increased blood flow in the body can help heal wounds caused by childbirth trauma, such as the caesarean surgery.

Moreover, improved circulation will help your body fight off disease and illness more effectively during every pregnancy stage, especially post pregnancy. The cardiovascular boost induced by infrared light is often intense enough to provide similar benefits to that of a walk or light jog. With the intense fatigue and bodily strain that comes with early motherhood, it can be difficult to access other forms of exercise. Infrared sauna usage is an extremely gentle way to boost your cardio output, break a heavy sweat and reap all the benefits of exercise.

Similarly, the circulation benefits provided by infrared sauna help combat clogged ducts and mastitis. Even when clogged ducts don’t become infected, it can be extremely painful. Infrared sauna usage is a gentle way to prevent and treat clogged ducts for new mothers experiencing discomfort postpartum.

3. Breastfeeding

Every new mother’s experience with breastfeeding is entirely different. At Rimba Sweat, some of our post-partum clients have experienced increased lactation after sessions of infrared sauna therapy, improving milk supply. However, milk supply and the elements that may influence lactation are completely unique to the new mother and baby. There are no direct studies that suggest that infrared sauna therapy will impact lactation.

For some, infrared sauna therapy can provide a number of benefits that in turn, lead to improved lactation. In turn, new mothers may leave the sauna feeling engorged immediately – which is why we may recommend planning going home to your bub or have a pump ready for after your session.

4. Fatigue and Pain

All new parents, fathers included, will suffer from fatigue postpartum – it’s inevitable, even with the easiest of babies. New mothers’ bodies have been pushed to their limit physically during birth, and pain is a normal experience.

Infrared therapy has been proven to treat both pain relief and chronic fatigue due to the deep penetration of infrared light into joints, muscles, and tissues to increase circulation throughout the body. Infrared sauna hormone balance is another added benefit, helping you feel a greater sense of normality.

no negative effects with infrared therapy and postpartum

5. Anxiety and Depression

Infrared light has been proven to release endorphins and other positive hormones in our brains, which helps combat depression and anxiety. One study, in particular, found that of ten patients suffering from depression who were treated with two weeks of near-infrared therapy, 6 out of 10 had complete remission and 7 out of 10 experienced improvements in their mental state.

Given the rise in post-partum anxiety and increased risk for post-partum depression, infrared therapy can benefit all new mothers as a preventative measure.

6. Alone Time

The simple act of taking out time for self-care can be hugely positive. Especially during breastfeeding, we are entirely devoted to our babies, and it can be challenging to find time for yourself. However, if you can spare a short amount of time, you’ll find yourself extremely rejuvenated and more able to deal with everything motherhood throws at you.

Infrared Sauna Usage Postpartum Risks

If you’ve been wondering, ‘is infrared light bad for baby and myself during pregnancy, or after I give birth?’, it should be said that according to available scientific studies, there are no known negative effects of infrared therapy for pregnant women or post-partum mothers in terms of scientific study.

Make sure to remain constantly hydrated before and after using the infrared sauna to reduce the potential for dehydration and general heat stress risk.

Also, it could be beneficial to have your doctor test for levels of heavy metals if heavy metal toxicity is a concern of yours. Any toxins in your body can be passed into your breastmilk, and theoretically, infrared light could release higher levels of toxins if you have a high heavy metal toxin count.

Rimba Sweat Infrared Sauna for New Mothers

We wish to empower pregnant women to listen to their bodies and their intuition and to make time for themselves in this wonderful new phase of their life. Infrared light can provide many benefits for new mothers and pregnant women; however, everyone’s body reacts differently and is unique. We recommend you consult with your doctor prior to using infrared saunas postpartum for health guidelines.

Located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Rimba Sweat’s exclusive infrared sauna Sydney studio has both standard and large rooms as well as steam rooms so that you can enjoy relaxing benefits by yourself or even with a friend.

If you feel like your body will benefit from infrared light therapy postpartum, book online now and enjoy access to our luxury infrared sauna studio in Manly.

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