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Infrared Sauna Lights Meanings

When you use an infrared sauna, there are two main lights at work. There is the light from the infrared light, which is responsible for heating the air around your body, and there is the coloured light, which helps provide a secondary therapeutic effect.

Have you sat through a session wondering about the meaning of these infrared sauna lights? Join Rimba as we outline what the infrared sauna colours mean and how you can add an extra dimension of recovery and rejuvenation to your next sweat session. 

What Is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy, or Colour Light therapy as it is otherwise known, is a technique of restoring imbalances by applying coloured light to the body. With a history tracing its roots back to the Mayan civilisations, it today has found new power in the cedarwood rooms of infrared light saunas. 

The coloured light in infrared saunas is chromotherapy. Alongside other health techniques, colour light therapy has been known to reduce swelling, alleviate discomfort, decrease inflammation, accelerate the body’s wound healing ability, and significantly reduce overall recovery after medical procedures. Other lights have been seen to increase motion, lower tension, and improve blood flow. 

Let’s delve a little deeper.

what is chromotherapy

Infrared Sauna Colour Chart

Infrared saunas are typically fitted with a LED light on the roof. Here, the user can change the colour illuminating the room to help target different sorts of muscular, emotional, or other types of healing. Each infrared sauna light has its own use or ‘meaning’ and is believed to help in different ways. These colours will include: 


Red is the first colour that you will see when entering the sauna. It is an energising colour that is understood to stimulate growth in the body. For anyone feeling sluggish, lethargic, or just needs an extra circulatory boost – red is the colour for you. The powerful red infrared sauna colour is believed to boost strength by stimulating your blood flow and adrenalin. For those using the infrared sauna to help with energy-related conditions, the deeply intense red should give your body that extra drive it needs to get through the day. 


Green is the most iconic colour known for healing. As one of the central colours in the spectrum, it provides both physical and spiritual effects on the body – a well-balanced colour. Green infrared sauna lights are for users looking to achieve a sense of balance in the sauna. Relax your thoughts and focus on renewal in the soothing environment of the infrared sauna. The green light is neither wholly relaxing nor energising, instead bringing the body to an unrivalled sense of equilibrium. Basking in green light is, in a sense entering a more natural state, allowing for focus on inner growth. 


Of all the infrared sauna lights’ meanings, yellow is most associated with the mind and mental stimulation. Yellow light is good for inspiration and stoking the workings of your mind. Having trouble with inspiration? Suffering from writer’s block? A session in yellow infrared sauna colours is understood to bring our forgotten corners of the brain into action.

yellow light meaning


Blending the mental benefits of yellow with the physicality of red, the orange infrared sauna light meaning is one of shelter and safety. If you are suffering from grief or disappointment, the infrared orange light promotes our ability to bounce back from setbacks. Orange is a colour of rejuvenation, optimism, and boosts positivity in trying times. It is an encouraging colour, so for anyone in need of motivation, orange could be the right light colour of your next infrared sauna. 


Blue is on the opposite end of the spectrum to the physical colours. Blue is a deeply relaxing and enchanting infrared sauna colour experience and pacifies our bodies alongside the gentle heat of the sauna. If you are seeking a sense of calm in a mind that is racing with anxiety, overexcitement, or nervousness, then blue infrared sauna colours are for you. Blue is a positive colour, despite some of its connotations, and increases feelings of loyalty if the experience is shared with a partner. 


The violet infrared sauna lights meaning can be traced back to feelings of wisdom and bravery. Combining the relaxation of blue with the passion of red, violet gives those in the sauna a more active role in their feelings, and encourages you to tackle new challenges head-on. Not believed to pierce as deeply as the other colours, the purple light helps us at skin level. Studies have shown the violet infrared sauna colour to have effects on cell regeneration, and the cleansing of our skin. 

How does Infrared sauna light work?

Rejuvenating LED light from an infrared sauna is available in a number of different colours to help users achieve more benefits during their session. Coupled with the effects of the gentle infrared heat, the addition of the light helps bathe the room in a different glow that can help users. 

Colours in the sauna work hand in hand with the heat, which helps the body focus on pain management, especially in the joints and back, tight, and sore muscles, symptoms of arthritis, scar tissue healing, and much more. When coupled with advice from medical professionals, adding infrared sauna technology is one of the more effective, non-pharmaceutical alternatives to encourage the body’s natural reparative abilities. 

Infrared light and mental health

Light therapy is also helpful across mental wellbeing and has been shown to be beneficial when fighting seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD affects those experiencing a lack of vitamin D from reduced sunlight, and is often part of the wider umbrella of seasonal depression. Infrared sauna light alone won’t treat the condition, but when combined with advice from a medical professional, it can be incredibly beneficial. 

infrared light and mental health

Infrared Light Therapy with Rimba 

So, there you have it, a beginner’s guide to the infrared sauna lights meanings. If you are looking for an alternative way to help alleviate the discomforts associated with a range of physical and mental conditions, come, and try the soothing glow of coloured LED in an infrared sauna. Every colour on the infrared sauna colour chart is proven to nurture the body in a particular way, and, when combined with medically advised treatments, will see you begin your journey to recovery. 

Book a session at Rimba today through our online booking portal or by giving us a call at (02) 8959 0672.