New and prospective clients often ask us “what is an infrared sauna?”

Many people are aware of the benefits of traditional saunas but are unaware of the added benefits that modern infrared sauna technology provides.

Rimba Sweat is Sydney’s leading provider of Infrared Sauna studios. We take pride in improving people’s awareness of the amazing benefits that infrared heat can have on your body, mind, and soul.

As the first of our kind in providing an exclusive infrared sauna studio within Sydney, we know that many of our new customers will have lots of questions around how the technology works and what the benefits of an infrared sauna are. We’ve written this informative article to answer all of your questions and provide the ultimate guide to infrared saunas.

At Rimba Sweat located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we choose infrared saunas because the sessions provide all the benefits of the centuries-old traditional practice without the oppressive and dehydrating heat of a traditional sauna.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is different from the typical type in that uses steam to heat the air around you. Instead, infrared saunas use light to heat your body directly, providing an experience that has all the same benefits as a traditional sauna but without the extreme heat and potential risks of a traditional sauna.

Compared to traditional saunas that range in temperatures from 75 to 100°C, at Rimba sweat our state-of-the-art infrared saunas range from 40 to 55°C. As a result of these lower temperatures, you can experience the detoxing, muscle relaxing, and sweat of a sauna experience at an optimum temperature and without unnecessary heat.

An infrared sauna’s heat directly penetrates deeply into your skin tissue, muscles, cells, and body rather than just the air around you and creates an intense sweat that will cleanse, relax and heal your body.

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What is Infrared Light?

Infrared light or infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that can be felt as heat but is invisible to the naked human eye.

Infrared light was discovered in 1800 by astronomer Sir William Herschel when he observed its effect on a thermometer and realised there was radiation within the spectrum that had lower energy than red light. It was eventually discovered that half of the energy from the Sun arrives on Earth as infrared light.

Since its discovery, infrared has been used within many devices including night-vision technology, special telescopes, thermal imaging cameras, weather forecasting, blood flow detection, and of course, for infrared sauna therapy.

Why Are Infrared Saunas Used?

Infrared saunas can be used to help support healthy weight loss, relieve tension and stiffness from your joints, muscles, and back, reduce stress, improve mental health, improve quality of sleep, provide energy and improve circulation – just to name a few of its uses!

Here at Rimba Sweat, we understand that the benefits of infrared therapy vary from person to person. We can tailor your infrared sauna session to provide a high-quality treatment that will meet all of your health and wellness goals.

What About an Infrared Sauna Session?

So, you ask, “what actually is an infrared sauna session and what does it look like?”. At Rimba Sweat, you will experience an infrared sauna session within the privacy and luxury of a private sauna room. This means that during your 50-minute session, you can fully escape and bask in the benefits of infrared without any outside distraction or stress.

Within your private sauna room, you will find a fully state-of-the-art infrared sauna made of high-quality Cedar and a shower. Included in your room are premium entertainment options with an iPad and built-in speakers, medical grade chromotherapy lighting and complimentary Meeka organic body wash. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality self-care experience and saunas that will detoxify your body and help you to sweat away your worries.

What Are Infrared Saunas Good For?

Traditional saunas have been utilised for centuries to treat health conditions. Infrared technology is relatively new, but breakthrough studies have been conducted to assess the benefits of infrared saunas.

A 10-person study of people with chronic fatigue symptoms noticed that infrared sessions were beneficial within their overall treatment and another study observed that infrared saunas helped to decrease muscle soreness in athletes that had participated in intense strength training sessions.

If you simply need an escape from everyday stresses, an infrared sauna session can be a great opportunity for self-care, to relax and unwind, clear your mind, recentre your soul, improve your mental health or simply spend some much-needed time alone.

Infrared sessions are also a great way to detoxify your skin, improve muscle and joint soreness from injury and exercise, improve your blood circulation and healthily promote weight loss.

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How Much Does an Infrared Sauna Session Cost?

At Rimba Sweat, we offer a variety of pricing options to best suit your needs. At our location in the Northern Beaches, we have two rooms you can choose from. The standard sauna features a private room with a standard full-spectrum infrared sauna for you to relax in and our large sauna features a private room containing a large sauna that you can use to practice heated yoga sessions or invite a friend to share the experience with you.

The pricing of our sessions depends on whether you book a standard or large sauna room for your session and which session package you book. If you want to give infrared saunas a try, single sweat sessions are a great option and cost $45 for a standard sauna and $55 for a large sauna.

We also offer an exclusive ‘Intro Offer’ for new customers of Rimba Sweat which provides a three-session package for just $99 for the standard sauna and $199 for the large sauna experience.

Book Your Infrared Session Today

So now that you have discovered what an infrared sauna is, now all that left to do is to book your next infrared sauna session today here at Rimba Sweat.

We make booking easy through our online booking page on our website where you can choose which times and dates work best for you. Once you’ve booked come down to our studio in Manly to enjoy our exclusive infrared sauna experience.

To prepare for your session we recommend that you stay hydrated before and after your sauna session, remove all your makeup so you can receive the most benefits possible, bring some swimmers (if you wish to wear something in the sauna, you don’t have to!), bring some comfortable and loose clothing to wear and a towel to help clean off all the sweat as you cool down after your session.