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Rimba’s Cronulla Studio is Now Open…

The opening of our third studio in Cronulla marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Rimba Sweat. Far more than just another studio, our expansion throughout Sydney is a manifestation of our goal to share that elusive sense of clarity and freedom that infrared sauna therapy unlocks with our wider community.

Just footsteps from the beach, our Cronulla infrared sauna studio offers the ultimate destination to pause, indulge, and relax. Complete with five private infrared sauna suites, the studio also offers a contrast therapy room complete with traditional sauna, ice bath and pail shower for those willing to surrender to the healing benefits of both intense warmth and profound cold. While each of our three studios have their own unique design finishes, the three are tied together by our signature Mediterranean-luxe aesthetic.

We look forward to welcoming clients old and new into our Cronulla studio in 2023. We’re so excited to share this journey with you – whether you’re an infrared convert or a regular in our Manly & Neutral Bay studios.

infrared sauna in cronulla




Getting your glow on is as simple as integrating infrared light therapy into your self care routine. During a sweat session, sweating from infrared light draws the impurities from deep within the layers of your skin, expelling dead skin cells and increasing collagen production (and we all know how good collagen is). An infrared sauna will see your skin’s texture, elasticity, and tone improve significantly – leaving you with a natural, sun-kissed glow.

Cardiovascular Health

Not only is an infrared sauna good for your head (who wouldn’t say yes to an hour to yourself to unwind?), but infrared light therapy is good for your heart. Infrared improves cardiovascular conditioning – the heat emitted reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, and can effectively reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Experience the full benefits of infrared light therapy at the home of infrared sauna Cronulla – Rimba Sweat.


Rest, recover, and rejuvenate with an infrared sauna at Rimba Sweat Cronulla. Infrared light therapy promotes muscle recovery by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. The heat from the infrared sauna studio will also force your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relax, speeding up the process of recovery.


Infrared therapy allows your body to sweat out and expel harmful toxins, offering full detoxification of the body. Over time, our bodies naturally absorb toxic pollutants from the world we live in. Going to an infrared sauna allows your body to effectively sweat out all of these nasties, providing a full detoxification experience.



The Rimba Sweat Cronulla studio offers so much more than infrared sauna therapy. Complete with a contrast therapy room fitted with a traditional sauna, ice bath, and pail shower, and five private infrared studios, our new space is designed to offer a retreat. Fit with our iconic Mediterranean-luxe aesthetic, the entire studio has been carefully created to indulge the senses. Whether you’re heading in for an infrared sweat, or you’ve booked in for an hour long contrast therapy session, the entire Rimba Sweat Cronulla studio has been designed to feel like you’re stepping foot into your own slice of paradise.

Cronulla studio