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What To Do After An Infrared Sauna Session

By March 25, 2024No Comments

Infrared saunas are best known for the myriad of health and wellness benefits that a single session can offer, from effective stress relief to weight loss. What most sauna-goers miss, however, is that these benefits can often extend long after stepping out of an infrared sauna. The steps you take after an infrared sauna session can greatly enhance the overall experience, as well as extend or improve the benefits that come with regular use. 

To help you make the most of your infrared sauna sessions, we’ve created a short guide that outlines what to do after an infrared sauna session, as well as what to avoid doing post sweat session.

1. Rinse

Getting your sweat on in an infrared sauna is one of the most enjoyable parts of the session. As your body gets used to sweating more during regular sessions, the pores of your skin will begin to open up more. 

Rinsing off after a sauna, especially with cold water, is a great way to wash off all of the toxins that your body has released through sweating. Cold showers can also help to close up your pores after the session, preventing contaminants from clogging them up. 

You should try to avoid using chemical-containing soaps and lotions during your post-sauna shower — if you have to use a body wash, try to use one that contains natural ingredients or extracts instead. 

2. Rehydrate

During an infrared sauna session, it’s quite common for your body to sweat out enough water to bring down your body weight. In fact, it’s estimated that your body will sweat out between 600ml to 1 litre of water for each hour spent in the sauna. 

Rehydrating your body is an essential post-sauna action that you should always prioritise. Aim to drink about 1.5 times the amount of water you’ve lost during the sauna session to replenish your body’s fluids — you can calculate how much water you’ve lost through sweating by weighing yourself before and after the session.  

3.Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

With your skin’s pores having done a lot of work sweating during the session, be sure to avoid wearing anything that’s skin-tight or figure hugging after the sauna. Instead, change into comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to give your skin room to breathe and rest. 

It’s quite normal for you to continue sweating for a little while after your session as your body temperature gradually cools down, and wearing loose-fitting clothing can help your body cool down faster while ensuring that you’re comfortable.

4. Have a Nutritious Meal

Some sauna goers often feel quite famished after their session, and this is mostly due to the increased circulatory activity in the body and burned calories during the session. Treat yourself to a nutritious meal after your session to replenish your energy.

5. Relax

After an intense session of sweating, the best thing you can do for your body and mind is to simply relax. Cool your body down by limiting your physical activity — give yourself time to recover by practising mindfulness or meditation, or relaxing with a book. Whatever way you choose to relax, just make sure that you are not exerting yourself!

What Not to Do After Infrared Sauna Sessions

Apart from the tips above, some actions can potentially work against the benefits of infrared sessions. After an infrared sauna session, try to avoid:

1. Eating heavy foods

Consuming heavy or oily foods can often make your skin feel more oily as well as feed more unhealthy ingredients back into your body. You’ll want to steer clear of them as they can also create feelings of nausea or fatigue, especially since your body is still rehydrating. 

2. Drinking sugary drinks or alcohol

As a result of the higher blood circulation you’ll have after an infrared sauna session, your body will absorb sugary drinks or alcohol more quickly into your system. This can potentially lead to damage to your cardiovascular system, especially if you are drinking large amounts. Stick to drinking water or healthier hydration sources like coconut water. 

3. Doing intense exercise

The last thing you want is to put your body through intensive exercise after a sauna session. Not only will your body already feel tired, but you could risk overexerting your body and causing damage to your muscles and overall health. 

4. Overstaying in the sauna

Limiting your sessions to 30-40 minutes at a time will still provide your body with all the health and wellness benefits without the risk of overheating your body or dehydration. There’s no need to stay any longer in an infrared sauna, so feel free to exit the sauna whenever you start to feel uncomfortable. 

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