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Infrared Sauna Sydney

Exclusive Infrared Sauna Sydney


Discover the Healing Power of the Rimba Sweat Infrared Sauna in Sydney.


Rimba Sweat is a unique and consciously curated infrared sauna studio where Sydney locals visit for healing, restoration, and tranquillity. Whether you’re looking to uplift your mood, improve your sleep, detoxify, brighten your skin, alleviate pain, or just get your sweat on, Rimba’s infrared sauna in Sydney provides the most luxurious, enriching, and exquisite experience.

Full-spectrum infrared saunas in Sydney help our clients to experience a much more restorative and gratifying experience than regular saunas. Rimba’s infrared saunas radiate warm infrared light penetrating deep within the skin’s tissues to heat your core.

Our studio is the first infrared sauna in Sydney of its kind that is equipped with both standard and large full spectrum sauna rooms. Experience the powerful healing benefits and clarity that comes with the Rimba Sweat infrared sauna. When you welcome your first infrared sauna experience, you can expect detoxification, stronger immunity, glowing skin, muscle recovery, weight loss, better sleep, and relaxation, all in one treatment in Sydney.

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Infrared Sauna Benefits


Sauna therapy is a centuries-old practice that offers a complete healing experience. We’ve combined this historical practice with the modern science of infrared technology to deliver the ultimate therapeutic experience in Sydney. Browse some of the many benefits of infrared sauna sessions below:


Infrared saunas encourage healing through sweat. Sweat is our body’s natural way to detoxify and heal by removing harmful toxins and chemicals collected by the body over time.

Improved Sleep

Infrared saunas are incredibly beneficial to lowering cortisol levels, which provides a relief from stress; leaving you calm, relaxed, and ready for a better night’s sleep.

Weight Loss

Getting your sweat on with an infrared sauna boosts your metabolism. Each standard session in an infrared sauna can burn up to 600 calories. All you have to do is lay down and relax.

Brighter Skin

Get in control of dermatological issues like acne and eczema with Rimba’s infrared sauna. The deep heat penetrates down to the foundation of your skin, boosting the production of collagen, which stimulates healing at a visual level.

Muscle Recovery

Regular infrared sauna visits are instrumental in boosting recovery post-workout. When you raise your core body temperature through infrared light, the heat invigorates your tired muscles to increase circulation and accelerate healing.

Boosted Immune System

By heating your core body temperature with infrared sauna, your cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune system functions are boosted. The increased heat strengthens the natural immune response, which keeps you from falling sick.

Relax, Restore & Recharge


The Rimba Sweat Sydney studio combines the contemporary science of infrared sauna technology with ancient healing rituals to deliver a truly unique and tranquil experience. Our high-end infrared sauna studio is custom-designed to help you feel an immediate sense of calm and composure. Experience pure relaxation from the comfort of a private sauna room or share the experience with a friend.

The most significant advantage of an infrared sauna session is that you can reap all the rewards of this treatment style without lifting a finger. For decades, sweating has been used as a powerful natural way to detoxify the body, effectively eliminating toxins and chemicals stored in our bodies. Infrared sauna therapy encourages the body to channel its natural healing properties and restore your body and mind. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your sweat actively improve your health for you.

The Rimba Experience

Rimba’s ultra-modern infrared sauna studio in Sydney is a spacious haven where you can reap the many benefits of infrared therapy.

Our friendly staff will guide you through the soothing process of your infrared sauna appointment and ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire infrared journey. Whether you want to stretch out in one of our more spacious studios or have some time to yourself in the standard rooms, you’ll be able to relax completely and enjoy some much-needed pampering time. Our larger rooms can also accommodate up to 3 people if you want a chance to unwind in an infrared sauna with friends. For best results, we recommend regular use – call us or book online today to get started.

Rimba Sweat Sydney Studio

Infrared Sauna FAQ

What Does Infrared Sauna Treatment Do?

Experience the best infrared sauna has to offer at Rimba Sweat. Aside from allowing you to fully escape reality for an entire 50-minute session, an infrared sauna session offer holistic health benefits too. Our infrared saunas in Sydney channel infrared heat to penetrate your muscles, skin, joints and tissues in order to increase circulation, increase blood flow, and enhance oxygen flow. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared light therapy works on a cellular level and will create heat within the body directly, rather than within the air surrounding.

Some will book in an infrared sauna to help with the recovery of soft tissue injuries, others will use infrared saunas to get their skin glowing. Infrared saunas are also great for improving overall health and can help with decreasing blood pressure, promote healing, relieve joint pain, increased circulation, and even aid in chronic illness symptom management.

An Infrared sauna session is a one-stop solution to get that deep penetrating heat to detoxify the body, get your glow on, speed up muscle recovery, dilate blood vessels, build a resilient immune system, assist in weight loss, encourage relaxation, improve skin health, and promote better sleep. We see everyone from stressed parents, athletes, health-nuts, and those who just value taking some time out of their day.


How Much Do Sydney Infrared Sauna Sessions Cost?

The cost of a Sydney infrared sauna session will depend on the type of room you select for your infrared sauna appointment. At Rimba Sweat, we offer standard and large sauna spaces, each of which have varying costs which we will outline below.


Standard Infrared Sauna

If you’re hoping to embrace some alone time, our standard sauna will be perfect for you. The standard full spectrum infrared sauna room starts at $45 per sweat session for one treatment, with discounts up to 20% applied when sweats are purchased in bulk. Up to 20 sessions can be purchased at a time. We also have an introductory offer for those in Sydney who are just getting started of $99 for 3 sessions.


Large Infrared Sauna

Within the Rimba Sweat Sydney oasis, we also have large full spectrum infrared sauna rooms where users can practice slow heated flow and yoga stretches, or share the experience with a friend. The large sauna is available from $55 per session for one person, with discounts up to 20% applied when sweats are purchased in bulk. Up to 20 sessions can be purchased. We also have an introductory offer for those who are just getting started of $119 for 3 sessions. If you’re bringing a friend, simply add $15 per treatment.


What Should I Bring to the Studio?

New to infrared sauna treatment? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with all the information you need to make your first session the best infrared sauna treatment you’ll ever have.


What to Bring

We recommend bringing one full-size towel and one hand towel to your infrared sauna appointment. Trust us, you’ll need them both! Towels are also available for rent – just enquire with our reception staff. Other than that, infrared saunas require nothing else but an open mindset and a readiness for healing.


What to Wear

Swimwear or underwear are both excellent options for infrared saunas. You’ll be sweating a lot, and you want your skin to soak up all of those delicious infrared rays, so the less you can wear, the better.

Our friendly team will greet you at reception when it’s time to come in for your first infrared sauna sweat session.


Do I Need Infrared Sauna Treatment?

Feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, or just want to compliment your health and fitness journey? Rimba Sweat are here to help. Our Rimba Sweat full spectrum infrared saunas in Sydney help you to completely switch off, relax and restore your body for a blissful, uninterrupted 50-minute experience. If you’re leading an active lifestyle, need to detoxify after a big night, are often too busy to find ‘you’ time or are feeling anxious, we highly recommend infrared saunas for healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Infrared sauna sessions are different to a traditional sauna in that instead of heating the air around you, the light penetrates your skin directly to heat up the body.


How Often Should I Enjoy Infrared Sauna Sweat Sessions?

Infrared saunas are safe to use daily, so you can use them however often or as little as you please. Just be sure to use up all Rimba sessions before they expire.


Where Is the Sydney Studio Located?

Rimba Sweat is a boutique infrared sauna studio based in Sydney, Australia. Situated in the stunning enclave of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our Manly studio is a consciously created space that has been designed to promote and encourage healing of mind, body and spirit. When you step into our Sydney-based infrared sauna studio, you’ll be stepping into a small slice of tranquillity.

The Rimba Sweat Infrared Sauna Studio is open to Sydneysiders seven days a week. Monday to Friday, our sessions are available between 6am and 9pm. During the weekend, our studio is open between 7am and 7pm. You’ll find us at 212 Pittwater Road, Manly NSW.