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Are you ready to build your stress resistance, boost your mood, get glowing skin, build a stronger immune system, detoxify your body and improve your sleep?

Rimba Sweat is the best sauna in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. If you’re looking for a complete healing experience, our private sauna treatment rooms are ideal for you. Step into our consciously curated sanctuary and feel immediately more relaxed.

Sauna therapy is a historic healing practice that is now combined with infrared technology in many sauna treatment studios. At Rimba Sweat, we’ve combined the latest infrared technology and modern science with the traditional healing and calming properties of Sydney sauna treatments. Visiting a day spa sauna Sydney is one of the most restorative treatments you can give your body.

Allow your physical and mental wellbeing to be reinstated through warming infrared technologies with Rimba Sweat.

Relax, Restore & Recharge at Rimba


If you’re looking for the ultimate restorative day spa sauna treatment available, Rimba Sweat have you covered.

Unwind and enjoy our private sanctuary without interruption. The Rimba Sweat studio is a unique Sydney sauna that is equipped with both standard and large full spectrum, utterly private sauna rooms. While you relax and unwind in the best sauna Sydney has to offer, enjoy the influx of physical and mental wellbeing benefits.

Arguably one of the most appealing benefits of sauna treatments are the health benefits that unfold without you having to lift a finger. Glowing, youthful skin, improved tolerance to stress, endorphin release, detoxify the body, develop a stronger immune system and improve sleep are just some of the positive outcomes of private sauna therapy. All of this is achieved within our high-end Sydney Northern Beaches studio that is custom built to help you feel an immediate sense of tranquillity.

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It’s essential that we take extra care with our health to ensure our immune systems remain strong. German researchers have identified that regular sauna use significantly reduces instances of cold and flu. Additionally, the increased capillary circulation and blood flow that is generated through sauna therapy helps to eliminate dead skin cells and bacteria on the surface of the skin. Not only do infrared technologies detoxify the body, but they’ll also give you an instant facial for a glowing, brightened complexion.

If you’re feeling stressed or are having trouble sleeping, one of the best natural remedies is sauna treatment. Saunas help with stress resistance as the body releases shock proteins in response to the heat that build tolerance to stress. Furthermore, endorphins are released throughout sauna treatments which relax the body, clear the mind and encourage total calm which can promote better quality sleep. The best sauna Sydney treatments can be found at Rimba Sweat, with a specially designed relaxation studio.

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Sauna Sydney FAQ

Unlock access to the ultimate sauna Sydney experience at Rimba Sweat’s exclusive Northern Beaches infrared studio. Book your next infrared session at Rimba Sweat and feel the benefits for yourself.


What Should I Bring to the Studio?


If this is your first time treating yourself to a sauna experience, welcome! There are a couple of things to remember before you head in for our private treatment, which we will outline below.


What to Bring

Naturally you’ll be sweating a lot, so we recommend bringing both a regular sized towel and a hand towel into the treatment room. If you happen to forget a towel, don’t fret! We have towels available for hire at reception.


What to Wear

The less you can wear, the better. The whole purpose of our Rimba Sweat sauna studio is to soak up as much of those infrared rays as possible. Also be sure to wear underwear or swimwear you’re comfortable sweating in.


Other Information

Our helpful reception staff will greet you at reception upon arrival. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask them before you enjoy your tranquil experience.


How Often Should I Enjoy A Sweat Session?


Many studies have proven that there are significant health benefits of using sauna facilities daily. Saunas with infrared technology can be used daily. Just make sure you use up all the sessions you have purchased before they expire.


Where Are You Located?


Our state of the art, full-spectrum cedar wood sauna Sydney is based in Manly. Situated in the stunning enclave of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our studio offers a holistic treatment purpose built to heal the mind, body and spirit. Step into our little slice of utter serenity for up to 50 minutes, seven days a week. Our saunas are open between 6am and 9pm from Monday to Friday. On the weekend, we open our doors between 7am and 7pm. We’re located at 212 Pittwater Road, Manly NSW.


What Does Infrared Treatment Do?


Aside from providing a tranquil space for you to relax for 50 minutes (you’re welcome), infrared sauna treatments have extensive physical and mental health benefits. Saunas were first commercialised for their ability to detox the body. However, they offer so much more than detoxification.

The Rimba Sweat saunas use infrared heat to permeate the muscles, skin, tissues and joints. The process of infrared penetration increases blood circulation and enhances oxygen flow. Sauna treatments are a one-stop solution to detoxify, enhance muscle recovery, build a string immune system, tolerate stress, get glowing skin, encourage relaxation and promote better sleep. Saunas can even assist in weight loss.


 Can I Use A Sauna with Infrared Technology?


Unless you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or heat disease, are intoxicated with alcohol or other substances, you are likely to benefit from sauna treatments. Saunas are particularly helpful if you’re looking to enhance holistic wellness, have sore muscles, or are feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Our Rimba Sweat full spectrum infrared saunas in Sydney help you to completely switch off, relax and restore your body for a serene, uninterrupted 50-minute experience. The most significant advantage of infrared therapy is that you can reap all the rewards of this style of treatment without lifting a finger. Sit back, relax and allow your body to heal naturally.


How Much Does Rimba Sauna Treatment Cost?


At Rimba Sweat, we offer standard sizes saunas and large saunas. Treatment cost will vary depending on the type of sauna you select for your treatment.


Standard Sauna

Our standard sauna is the perfect size for those who need some time out to themselves. A standard full spectrum sauna treatment starts at $45 per session for one treatment. If you’re looking to purchase bulk sessions, you can save up to 20%. Up to 20 sessions can be purchased at a time. If you’re new to Rimba Sweat, we have an introductory offer of just $99 for 3 sessions.


Large Sauna

If you want to share the experience with a friend or need some space to stretch out and do some yoga, our large full spectrum private sauna room is perfect for you. The large sauna is available from $55 per session for one person. If you’re ready to purchase your sauna sessions in bulk, we offer 20% discounts. Up to 20 sessions can be purchased at our Sydney sauna at once. If you’re new to Rimba Sweat, we also are offering an introductory price of just $119 for 3 sessions. If you’re bringing a friend, simply add $15 per treatment.