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Humans have been using the benefits of heat to treat harmful viral infections for hundreds of years. Heat technology has come a long way since the first benefits were first documented; today we are fortunate to be able to utilise infrared therapy as a vital tool in combatting sickness.

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between an infrared sauna and viruses? Should you use an infrared sauna when you have a cold? Can infrared therapy really help in managing the symptoms of a virus or a cold?

Infrared Sauna and Viruses: A Guide

Rimba Sweat is going to explore the myriad of health benefits of using an infrared sauna in strengthening the body against viral infections. The use of an infrared sauna should only be considered valuable as part of wider preventative tactics, but not as a complete cure.

Fever and The Immune Response

A fever is a rise in normal body temperature. The body will naturally induce fever as a response to fighting an infection. The higher temperature of a fever speeds up the work of the cells fighting against the virus. Coupled with this, the increased heat makes it more difficult for bacteria to exist in your body. One known link between infrared saunas and viruses is the ability of the infrared light and heat to simulate a fever in your body which activates your immune response.

infrared sauna viruses, not a cure but a preventative measure

Most viruses cannot operate in high temperatures and are subsequently quickly killed off. This is why the body automatically raises body heat as a combative measure. Spending time in an infrared sauna increases the efficiency of our immune system in fighting a virus.

Many aspects of our immune response to viruses are heat-sensitive. When the body senses a rise in body heat, it will activate its immune response.  An efficient response is vital in ensuring a successful expulsion of the virus. During a fever, your body releases a wave of white blood cells that detect and fight against bacteria.

Even spending just twenty minutes in an infrared sauna at 45 degrees Celsius can bring out an immune response and train your body to better fight off infection.The key difference between an infrared sauna compared to a traditional sauna is that your core body temperature is raised, which is more effective in bringing on this response than just heating the air around you.

Circulatory Systems

Another relationship between Infrared Sauna and viruses is the infrared light’s effect on your circulatory system. Extended time in an infrared sauna will invigorate your body’s circulatory response, leading to the heart beating more vigorously and dilating your blood vessels. This aids in cleansing the system and vigorously oxygenating your blood cells. Positive blood flow is an essential part of a strengthened immune system. The infrared sauna’s ability to assist in improving your circulation is fundamental to combating viruses and strengthening the body’s natural response to infections.

Sweating Out the Bacteria

Every day we come into contact with harmful toxins that may reside in our bodies, dormant but waiting to attack from within when our immune system is down. These contaminants can flow through our bloodstream without us even knowing, only becoming serious and causing us to get sick when they build up. Getting your sweat on in an infrared sauna provides your body with the chance to rapidly get rid of these harmful bacteria. Your white blood cells will work on fighting the bacteria that have made their way into your system; sweating is another great opportunity to rid your body of other harmful substances like BPA or even traces of metal: all of which, when left in our bodies, will weaken our immune system.

relationship between the immune system and ageing with infrared sauna use

Mental Health

Having positive mental wellbeing is one of the most often overlooked benefits in fighting a virus or even a serious illness. Having a relaxed and uncluttered mind is incredibly useful when it comes to responding to foreign bacteria in the body. Infrared saunas are renowned for their ability to soothe the mind and offer a relaxed environment in which to mentally reset and unwind. Stress is often one of the most common contributing factors to a weakened immune system.

Rimba’s Full Spectrum Therapy

To maximize the immune-boosting relationship between an infrared sauna and viruses, Rimba uses full-spectrum infrared therapy within all our saunas. There are three levels to the infrared spectrum.

  • Near-infrared spectrum stimulates immune cell growth and activity by energizing your mitochondria.
  • The mid-infrared spectrum penetrates deep into your tissues, ensuring that you benefit from the immune-stimulating effects of heat throughout your body and improving your sleep.
  • Lastly, the far-infrared spectrum has the best healing and anti-stress benefits to best cope with other aspects of viral infections.

Viruses and Sleep

Viruses thrive within individuals whose immune systems are depleted due to a lack of sleep. Deep sleep is essential to building your antiviral response. Having a balanced Circadian rhythm enables the body to properly recover in times of rest and let the immune system build itself up to combat bacteria. Infrared saunas, when incorporated as part of a balanced lifestyle, help induce deeper rest, by increasing the body temperature softly before it drops again after the session, which indicates to the body that it is time for rest.

importance of sleep in fighting a virus

Incorporating an infrared sauna in the late afternoon or early evening commences the body’s natural sleep cycle and will allow you to sleep better, to give your body the best defence against viruses. Infrared saunas cannot guarantee complete protection from illness; infrared therapy, however, is a fantastic option to help boost give you better sleep, which will improve your immune system’s efficiency in attacking viruses.

Infrared Sauna When Sick: Should I, Or Shouldn’t I?

So, what about an Infrared sauna when you have a cold? You might be considering this very question if you have already come down with a cold or virus, and are craving the warm, soothing detoxification of an infrared sauna.

Extended sessions with an infrared sauna have been seen to reduce inflammation in the body and make it easier to breathe. When you have a cold, an infrared sauna can be great to soothe a sore throat. However, it is strongly recommended you keep away from others when you are infectious to stop the spread of harmful bacteria. Either booking a private session or waiting until your infectious period has passed before coming into close contact with others is always a safer option.

Strengthen Your Immune System with Rimba

Infrared saunas and viruses: the verdict? There are a number of benefits of infrared therapy that will strengthen your immune system, and therefore, increase your ability to effectively fight off a virus.

Infrared saunas are an invaluable tool in staying healthy and promoting physical and mental wellbeing. However, infrared therapy should not be considered a cure for any viral infection nor as a sole tool for fighting off disease. It’s important to incorporate a sauna as part of a well-rounded health program recommended by a medical professional. 

At Rimba Sweat, we take your health very seriously. Our infrared saunas are designed to help restore balance in the lives of anyone that walks in the door. By nurturing an environment of healing and renewal, you’ll step into the sauna a different person than the one who comes out. To book a session, contact us via our website or give us a call on (02) 8959 0672, so you can start enjoying the renewing benefits of infrared therapy today.