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Infrared saunas are well renowned for the myriad of health benefits the infrared light therapy provides. The advantages are astounding for those grappling with an autoimmune disease like Lupus; infrared therapy is a powerful clinical tool in relieving many of the chronic symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases.

Infrared light provides a haven for soothing, calming and reducing stress that allows the body to relax properly. But just what are the Infrared sauna benefits for Lupus? Is there a relationship between an Infrared sauna and autoimmune disease? Is infrared sauna safe for people living with Lupus? All of these questions are completely understandable; navigating alternative health resources can be complicated.

Rimba Sweat are here to outline the infrared sauna autoimmune relationship and why many people who have Lupus benefit from using an infrared sauna.

Lets Start With the Basics

Before getting into the infrared sauna benefits for Lupus, it’s essential to understand what Lupus is.

Lupus is the name for the disease that takes place when your body’s immune system begins to attack your own tissues and organs. This brings Lupus into the category of diseases known as autoimmune diseases. The painful inflammation associated with Lupus can affect many parts of the body, including joints, skin, blood cells, brain, kidney, lungs, and even the heart.

The exact cause for Lupus varies, but it is generally agreed that it is caused by some combination of genetics and the environment, brought on by some sort of trigger. Diagnosing Lupus is difficult, as the symptoms and their severity vary between individuals. Many of these indicators can change over time and overlap with other disorders’ symptoms.

common lupus triggers

How Is Lupus Typically Treated?

There is, unfortunately, no real ‘cure’ for Lupus, but with effective medication and positive lifestyle changes, many of the symptoms can be successfully managed. From pain relief medication to more intense steroid creams, there are many ways doctors recommend treating the symptoms of Lupus.

Medication can help alleviate the body’s response to the symptoms and aid in curbing its hyperactive immune system. There is no set diagnosis for how people experience Lupus; there is no comprehensive treatment to handle everyone in the exact same way. Alongside professional, medical advice, patients may rely on a combination of different medications or lifestyle modifications.

The best way to effectively manage Lupus is to learn as much as you can about the condition and understand your individual responses and how best to manage them. The more you know about what triggers affect you most, how to manage the pain and fatigue, the more control over the disease you will have.  Understanding as much as you can about the condition means you will be able to make the most informed decisions about taking care of your body and play a more active role in managing symptoms. A huge part of this means consulting with your doctor before undergoing any treatment, including infrared light therapy.

What Are the Infrared Sauna Benefits for Lupus?

It is becoming increasingly clear that infrared sauna therapy can provide a wealth of benefits to those with frequent

Infrared sauna and Lupus: how are they linked? Good question! Lupus is an autoimmune disease – autoimmune conditions cause considerable pain and discomfort throughout the body.  Infrared saunas have long been linked to relieving chronic pain associated with many medical issues.  

Infrared saunas work by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue and joints, increasing blood flow throughout the body, and boosting the transferal of oxygen. Exposure to infrared heat raises your core body temperature; this has a soothing effect on our nerve endings and calms the nerves, relieving pain. The soft warmth of the infrared sauna coupled with the peaceful atmosphere at Rimba Sweat combines to release muscle tension and stress, which is an incredible benefit for anyone with any chronic pain, or discomfort.

Infrared saunas are not a cure for Lupus. The infrared therapy can aid in managing the symptoms of autoimmune diseases by lowering stress, reducing inflammation, and assisting in sweating out the build-up of harmful toxins that form in the body over days, weeks and even months.

Stress, Infrared Sauna, and Autoimmune Disease

That seems like quite a bizarre series of words, doesn’t it? But in fact, all three parts are closely linked. Many studies have revealed the relationship between autoimmune diseases like Lupus and stress flare-ups. While not always the primary cause, stress is one of the most common triggers for autoimmune diseases. Using infrared sauna therapy can help relieve stress, lowering your chances of experiencing the painful symptoms of autoimmune diseases like Lupus.


One of the more significant Infrared sauna benefits for Lupus comes from the detoxification that comes with an extended session in an infrared sauna. Sweating out toxins through the skin’s pores can help clear the body and remove harmful chemicals that may be impeding your body’s ability to naturally heal or deal with the inflammation or pain associated with Lupus. For people living with Lupus, cleansing the skin is vital in managing the condition and keeping on top of any internal factors that may cause flare-ups.

Getting Your Sweat On

The Infrared sauna autoimmune therapy benefits are heightened for many who find more intense forms of exercise complicated. This can be due to excessive joint pain and fluctuations in energy levels in individuals with Lupus. Many Infrared sauna benefits for Lupus come from its ability to mimic the response to some high-intensity forms of exercise. Now, this is not saying that an infrared sauna can replace exercise, but incorporating a few key sweat sessions along with more relaxed forms of exercise like yoga, walking, and stretching can be incredibly beneficial to managing an autoimmune disease. 

benefits of infrared sauna for lupus

Is Infrared Sauna Safe for Lupus?

Every individual with Lupus experiences the condition differently; there are many different types of triggers, and the sensitivity to these triggers can vary from person to person. If you have Lupus, your response to sunlight can be significantly different. Your tolerance of infrared light with Lupus is also altered substantially. The severity of this may impact how your body reacts in an infrared sauna. If you have increased photosensitivity due to Lupus, or the medication you are taking, you should get a second opinion before starting infrared sauna therapy.

An infrared sauna is considered safe for individuals with Lupus. Still, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from a doctor or physician before coming to Rimba sweat to discuss whether combining an Infrared sauna and autoimmune disease like Lupus will be the right decision for you.

Enhance Wellbeing With Rimba Sweat

So, are infrared saunas good for Lupus? Well, with all the impressive health and mental wellbeing benefits of infrared saunas we’ve listed, mixing a session or two into your regular advice from a doctor could be the difference in effectively managing the Lupus symptoms that impact your life the most.

At Rimba Sweat, we are dedicated to helping ease the pain and tension associated with all health-related conditions. Extended sweat sessions within our saunas give your body the chance to recover and help nurture an overall sense of positive wellbeing.

Located in the heart of the Northern Beaches, the Rimba Sweat studios offer a rare opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and work with your body and manage any inflammation, pain, or pressure effectively. To experience some of the impressive health benefits for yourself, book a session in either a private sanctuary or an intimate room for two online now, by calling us on (02) 8959 0672 or booking online.