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One of the main questions people have about infrared saunas is “are infrared saunas safe?”. We completely understand this concern – safety is an important factor to consider for all of our clients at Rimba Sweat.

Infrared saunas are carefully designed to provide health benefits and are not something that should be considered a danger. One of the key benefits of saunas with infrared heat over traditional saunas is that they can effectively make you sweat without needing to reach such extreme temperatures. This helps you stay in the sauna longer without experiencing dehydration or overheating. 

Our infrared saunas at Rimba Sweat utilise state-of-the-art technology to guarantee a safe and positive experience to its users. 

Are Infrared Saunas Safe to Use? 

Here at Rimba Sweat, the safety and wellbeing of our clients are our number one priority. Our studio and state-of-the-art infrared sauna experience is designed with safety in mind and are maintained to a high standard.

The main potential dangers that infrared sauna use can cause are dehydration and overheating. To avoid these side effects, it is highly recommended that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated before and after your infrared sauna sessions to ensure that you have the safest experience possible. Saunas with infrared heating elements are also fitted with air vents that can be opened during your session to provide relief from the heat and minimises the risk of overheating.

Unlike traditional saunas that use steam to heat the air around you, infrared saunas work with infrared light to directly heat your body. Saunas using infrared heat allow you to experience all the detoxifying and muscle relaxing benefits of a traditional sauna without the potential risks of the extreme heat that traditional saunas use to make you sweat. As a result, Saunas with infrared heat are incredibly safe to use.

are infrared saunas safe

Is Infrared Sauna Safe? 

Infrared radiation can sound a bit scary and lead many people to ask, “is infrared sauna safe?” but once you understand infrared light you realise that is very safe and even beneficial to your body.

Infrared light is made up of waves of energy that are invisible to the naked eye but offer a range of health benefits. Infrared light is specifically a region of the infrared spectrum radiation that has a wavelength of 15 micrometres to 1 millimetre. These waves have been studied for their biological effects and it has been proven to provide safe and effective therapeutic results. Infrareds’ main benefit within saunas with infrared heating elements is its ability to penetrate the surface of the skin and gently heat the body.

Because infrared rays can be used in a sauna to heat your body directly through light instead of the air around you, infrared light can transfer energy more deeply into your body tissue and increases its therapeutic health benefits over a traditional sauna. Increasing evidence is also showing that non-invasive far-infrared rays are beneficial to the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease.

The Dangers of Infrared Saunas 

In life, most good things do come with some potential risks. Although there are very few dangers to using infrared saunas, before your book your session there are some people who should consider how their health factors into their ability to safely use saunas using infrared heat.

The main risk of using saunas with infrared heat is their potential to cause dehydration and overheating. For most people, the heat experienced in saunas using infrared does not put their health at risk in any way, especially if they make sure to stay hydrated before and after their session.

Infrared saunas provide a very safe and is carefully designed experience to minimise any potential dangers or risks to users. Most infrared studios also take extreme care to provide a safe experience for their clients and receive regular maintenance services to ensure their saunas are working safely. Despite these many safety factors, some medical conditions can make individuals more susceptible and vulnerable to overheating. These individuals should consult a doctor before deciding to participate in an infrared sauna session.

Who Should Be Careful or Seek Medical Advice Before Using an Infrared Sauna? 

You may ask “are infrared saunas safe to use?”, and for most of our customers the answer to this question is a resounding yes but there are some individuals who seek medical advice before visiting and experiencing our infrared sauna studio. 

Individuals with cardiovascular issues, chronic conditions, or diseases that reduce the ability to perspire should seek medical advice before deciding to book a session at Rimba Sweat. 

For people taking prescription medication, consult your doctor for advice on whether your medication impacts your blood pressure, heart rate, drowsiness, ability to sweat, or susceptibility to heatstroke before you use an infrared sauna. 

The elderly and children must also be careful when using our saunas with infrared heaters because the ability to manage your core temperature decreases with age and children’s body temperatures rise at a much faster rate than adults.

Pregnant women should also consult their doctor before using an infrared sauna.

infrared sauna safety tips

Who Should Not Use Infrared Saunas? 

Due to the safety of saunas using infrared heaters, there are very few people who should not use them but for some of our potential customers the answer to the question “are infrared saunas safe?” is “not before you recover or consult your doctor”.

If you have recently abused drugs or alcohol, infrared sauna use can also lead to unconsciousness due to the increased heart rate and heat stress. Having low blood pressure, kidney disease, or taking diuretic medications can all make people prone to dehydration and overheating and those individuals at risk when using saunas with infrared heat.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe to Use Every Day? 

Many of our clients ask, “are infrared saunas safe to use every day?” and the answer is “absolutely”. Like any type of physical training, consistency is important to achieve long-lasting effects and benefits. We recommend upwards of at least twice a week depending on your condition but generally, the more you come in the better you will feel. Some of the potential health benefits of consistent and regular infrared sauna use include weight loss, body detoxification, improved heart health, visible anti-aging, improved skin, pain relief, improved sleep, and improved mental health. There are no negative impacts or risks of using an infrared sauna daily if you make sure to stay hydrated, listen to your body, and seek medical advice if new health conditions arise.

Book Your Session with Rimba Sweat Today 

Now you know the answer to the question “are infrared saunas safe?”, you can now confidently embrace the relaxing and healing properties of infrared sauna technology with peace of mind. 

Rimba Sweat is the first of its kind in Sydney to offer an exclusive infrared sauna Sydney studio that is designed to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and relief from physical tension. 

To experience the healing powers of modern infrared technology firsthand book your first session at Rimba Sweat visit our online booking page. When you book with us you are guaranteed to experience the best infrared sauna Sydney experience available at our studio and luxurious private sauna rooms. To find out more about the benefits of saunas with infrared heat, click here.